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Item code: 360419

 Dimensions for 183cm

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Skier Weight (kg)  Skier HeightSki length Expert (cm)  Ski length Intermediate (cm)

The Vision range created by LINE features the exciting THC constriction, this high-tech feature combines Aramid, Carbon and Fiberglass on top of the core. This blend of materials gives the ski a hyperdampened experience whilst keeping the ski insanely lightweight. This mens freeride skis lets you slap down pillow stacks and adventure into the backcountry. The Vision 108 ski is lightweight, stable at high speeds and easy to control. If you’re looking for a ski that gives you the freedom to rip the entire mountain, than the Vision 108 is the ski for you

  • Terrain: Freeride
  • Skier ability: Intermediate
  • Shape: Directional ski with a -45.3mm stance and a tapered tail
  • Profile: 10mm lift at the tip, 2mm camber in the centre and 8mm lift in the tail
  • Early rise and early taper in the tip and tail
  • Flex: Medium to Rigid Directional Flex
  • Construction:
  • Core: Partly Cloudy made with paulownia and maple
  • THC: Aramid / Carbon/ Glass
  • Topsheet: Hardcap TPU
  • Base: Sintered 1.3
  • Sidewall
  • Edges: 2.1mm x 2mm
  • Thin Tip
  • 5CUT Sidecut 19.5
  • Please note: Bindings are not included with this purchase
Directional Shape: This shape is designed to give you the best performance when the nose of the skis is pointing downhill. The shape is created through a tapered tail, directional flex, directional profile and a setback

10 – 2 – 8 Profile: This profile is perfect for freeride skiing, the 10mm early rise in the nose of the ski provides plenty of lift over powder. 2mm camber in the centre of the ski adds power and pop for a lively feel underfoot

Early Rise in the tip and tail: An early rise at both ends of the ski bring the contact points towards the centre of the ski, this increases the speed of engagement on hardpack whilst add lots of lift over deep soft snow

Early Taper in the tip and tail: The sidecut is tapered in early at the widest point in both the tip and tail to reduce the changes of hook ups in powder

Medium to rigid directional flex: Directional flex combines a softer tip and a stiffer tail, this blend helps the tip float above power whilst the tail provides power and control at high speeds. Medium to rigid flex is highly response and less forgiving, ideal for an intermediate skier

Partly Cloudy Core: This core uses a blend of Paulownia which is lightweight and Maple to increase the strength of the core. This core is a great all mountain skiing

THC Construction: This construction combines Aramid, Carbon and Fiberglass together into a stack laminate. Each material vibrates and resonates at different frequencies for a hyperdampened experience

Sintered 1.3 Base: High-density sintered base is highly durable and reduces friction against the snow to keep you gliding faster for longer over flats. Sintered bases are slightly harder to maintain

Sidewall: Ultra-High Density Polyethylene sidewalls sits over the edges to increase the durability of the ski, protect the top sheet, absorb vibrations and drive energy down the edges

Thin Tip: The core and sidewalls at the tip of the skis have been thinned out to reduce the weight by 100 grams. Thin Tip reduces tip bounce and swing weight to increase your control over the skis

19.5 5CUT sidecut: Features across the whole Line range 5CUT combines five different radiuses into one sidecut to produce a wide range of turn shapes

Product Sizing Chart

Length (cm)
189 cm