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Item code: 360405

Want to ski like Candide, these skis will get you one step closer to your freeride dreams. The collaboration between Faction and Candide Thovex has been around for a few seasons, designed to bring a range of skis to people who demand the very best from their equipment. The CT range of skis are responsive, demanding and high performing across a range of terrain. These skis are hardcore enough for Candide Thovex himself, so you know they will be up for the challenge. The CT range uses the most reliable materials combined with modern shapes and camber profiles to suit all Freeski disciplines. The CT 3.0 construction has been upgraded for the 2021/22 season to create the perfect freestyle-inspired one-ski-quiver. Designed by both the Faction engineers and Candide Thovex the CT 3.0 ski has a playful shape that lets you easily butter, jib around and hold you edge for aggressive carving down the hardpack. The CT 3.0 ski is built for guys who want to explore the backcountry, seek out the freshest lines and have fun in powder. The lightweight construction combines with a versatile shape lets you explore the whole mountain on days when the powder is scarce

  • Terrain: Freeride
  • Shape: CT Signature Shape
  • Twin tips
  • Flex: CT Signature flex , 7/10
  • Profile: 2 camber in the centre with rocker at the tips
  • Construction:
  • Core: Lightweight Poplar
  • CFK Stomp Pad
  • Full Carbon Weave
  • CT Mounting Point
  • Sidewall: Full Strength
  • Anti-Chip Micro-cap
  • Edges: XL 2.5mm
  • Topsheet: Matte High Resistance
  • Sidecut: Elliptical
  • Art By: Candide Thovex
CT Signature Shape: This shape has been refined overtime by Candide Thovex, this award-winning shape is used across the whole CT line. This silhouette is defined by its tapered tip and tail and an elliptical radius sidecut. The CT signature shape is great for carving and precise handling
This shape uses a blend of camber in the centre with generous rocker at the tips to suit all mountain skiing. Rocker helps the tips lift over deep snow and initiate turns whilst camber provides pop, power and quick edge to edge transitions

Twin Tips: Twin Tips are great for freestyle skiing as you can easily ride regular or switch, these tips give you great freedom of creativity so you can spin, jib and land switch

CT Signature flex, 7/10 flex: 7/10 flex sits on the stiffer end of the scale to increase the response of the ski. CT signature flex adds stiffness to the tip and tail which compliments the rocker to absorb vibrations, help settle the ski and increase power. The centre of the ski is softer to loads up power and add pop

Lightweight Poplar Core: By using one species of wood the core gives you consistent flex and response for a reliable and predictable feel. Poplar wood is a mid-weight softwood that give the ski a mix of durability and flex

CFK Stomp Pad The centre of the skis under the bindings takes the most impact, therefore this area has been reinforced with a stop pad. Using a blend of titanal and rubber the pad increases the durability of the ski whilst protecting the core. The addition of rubber absorbs vibrations to smooth out the ski whilst going over bumps and crud. This feature is extremely useful on freestyle skis as they take heavier and more frequent impacts

Full Carbon Weave 8 to 12 strands or carbon are woven into fibreglass, this weave sits on either side of the core to increase the durability, stiffness and response of the ski. Carbon is super lightweight therefore this addition doesn’t impact the overall weight of the ski

CT Mounting Point Candide Thovex has found the sweet spot for mounting his skis, designed to easily pivot and add a freestyle funk to your skiing. By mounting the skis at the narrowest spot adds pop in the tip and tail of the ski and can still carve down the groomers

Full Strength Sidewall: This durable sidewall runs along either side of the core, made with multiple strips of protective material. Sitting between the topsheet and edge this sidewall protects the core, topsheet and edges during impact. Full strength sidewalls increase the skis stability through the turn and edge hold to give you move confidence in your skis

Anti-Chip Micro-cap Micro-Cap construction blends traditional tough sidewall with Capwall. This hybrid adds torsional stability and edge hold. To prevent chipping the topsheet wraps around the ski to meet sidewall

XL 2.5mm Edges: These 2.5mm edges provide an extra 35% of height to in addition to the durable standard 1.8mm edges. These larger steel edges can handle more abuse and increases the lifespan of the ski

Matte High Resistance Topsheet: This topsheet is made using highly durable materials, sourced from a factory local to Faction to make the supply chain more eco-friendly. Faction have tested the topsheet vigorously to ensure that it can handle high impact and intense skiing

Elliptical Sidecut: This sidecut is made up of a longer radius underfoot that helps you pivot faster and easier whilst a shorter radius in the tip and tail makes it easier to initiate turns. The Elliptical sidecut allows the ski to make a wide variety of turns lengths and angles

Product Sizing Chart

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